Federal Aviation Administration

Services Catalog

Services Hosted Here

These are the services over which we have direct control and follow our API basics and conventions.

Retrieves public information about airports such as statuses and weather delays.

Other Services (Not Hosted Here)

This list is services made available through other providers in the FAA but which are not hosted on our platform. This means they may not be REST based, and may have a completely different set of documentation and conventions.

We try to catalog them here for reference but we can't make any guarantees on the currency of the material.

The e-NASR system, courtesy of the National Flight Data Center (NFDC), provides official government source data that defines and describes the infrastructure of the National Airspace System (NAS). This consists of fixed aeronautical information such as airports, runways, navigational aids, instrument landing systems, fixes, airways, military training routes, towers, and the remaining fixed assets of the NAS.

This page can be viewed online at: http://services.faa.gov/docs/services/