Federal Aviation Administration


Why are there different locations for different web services?

Although the FAA is one agency working together towards a common set of goals, it's also comprised of numerous lines of business which all own different sets of data and have investments in different technologies. It would be really nice if everything was available through one enterprise platform, but the reality is that the agency is not there yet.

Why don't you support SOAP (or XML-RPC, etc.)?

We evaluated options and determined that REST was the best web service architecture solution for our requirements due to its leveraging of existing Internet protocols, light weight, and format independence.

With REST we can be flexible and give you XML like those protocols or JSON which is perfect for consuming services through AJAX applications. More is better!

I get an error saying "The response format you specified, 'text/html,' is invalid"

This usually means you tried to access one of the services through a browser without specifying a response format in the query string. When making an HTTP request, browsers will automatically send an HTTP Accept header that looks something like text/html, application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8.

You can specify your own format in the query string by appending ?format=xml to your URI if it doesn't already exist. See response formats for more information.

What's this about signing in?

It's only for FAA employees and contractors who are registered developers. If you happen to be one, signing in with your NexGen credentials lets you see additional documentation for internal services we make available to FAA applications on the intranet.

If you're not an FAA developer then you have no need to worry about it.

Can you help me with my code?

No. The services are provided as is with the understanding that if you want to use them you should understand basic concepts of how to consume web services. However, we do provide a simple tutorial.

If you're getting an error with one of our services that appears to be our fault, feel free to let us know and we'll fix it!

Where can I find data for X or a service that does Y?

Try searching our documentation and looking at some of the services to see if it already exists.

This page can be viewed online at: http://services.faa.gov/docs/faq/