Federal Aviation Administration

API Basics

FAA Services are RESTful and HTTP-based

FAA web services use REpresentational State Transfer (REST) architectural principles to provide an API. This means that consuming our web services works over standard HTTP using its existing methods such as GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT.

Multiple Response Formats are Supported

All methods support XML (application/xml) and JSON (application/json) as return formats by including a format parameter, e.g. "https://services.faa.gov/secure/user/authenticate?format=application/xml" or by specifying an HTTP Accept header. Some methods may support additional return formats as noted, such as plain text (text/plain).

See response formats for more information and examples.

HTTP Response Codes are Meaningful

See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for a list of HTTP status codes and what they mean.

Internal FAA Services are only available to FAA Developers

Some services, such as FAA employee authentication, are only available to internal FAA application and not to the general public.

Registered FAA developers may sign in to see documentation for internal services and the additional guidelines that govern them.

This page can be viewed online at: http://services.faa.gov/docs/basics/